I wonder what is in you that I can’t see in others.
Your voice is most bewitching.
I am wondering what is wrong with me.
It is logically irrational.
Kill me preko.
Kill me once.
I am in this pit of love.
I don’t know if I am in it with you.
I wish I were though.
I have ignored ambitions for your sake.
I will exchange a rope for your snake.
I will………
I will………
I will give up myself for your sake.
I will harbor the love and forgive the hate.
I will start life again, I will wipe the slate.
All for your sake
; My love, all for your sake.

If I were a vampire, i would run into your stake,
But my love, if you can’t love me for me,
Then you are not worthy of being loved by me.



I have watched her lie in the beauty of her ugliness.
I have seen the sorrow beneath the happiness.
I have realized the fragility hidden under the strength.
; And the rigidity beneath her curves.
I have seen her laugh sorrowfully.
I have seen her smile sadly.
I have been a lover of her hatred
; And a hater of her love-head.
I have cherished the things she despised,
I have despised the things for which she would have died.
I have loved her in totality,
And I have hated her absurdly.
But what can I do?
For I have loved her through and true.


When my chest hurts and my head aches,
And my feet know no rest and my hand shakes.
When I do not find any cause to believe,
And I fear the futures uncertainties.
When I’m burdened thinking all hope is lost,
And all I want to do is return to dust,
Then I hear this sweet little voice saying, “Pray,
For your God will surely make a way”.

When I am in distress and there is no way out,
And my world is dark, no day, always light out,
When i feel God himself has rejected me,
And I feel no one can help me not even family,
When I know I am weak and weary,
And I can’t even look up to Calvary,
Then I hear this angelic noiseless voice saying, “Pray,
That’s where your savior died, He will make a way”.

When I feel I am all alone,
With no friend and home of my own,
And it seems the test and trials I’m going through,
Can never be overcome no matter what I do.
When I feel I am failing terribly.
And nothing I do is succeeding.
I look to my Jesus and I pray,
For I know, He will make a way.


We all live in shades of grey,
There is no black or white.
Underneath the dark titles we gain,
There is the desire to let in some light.
You can choose to be more tinted,
Others prefer the hue.
Even the man whose ways are most perverted,
-Will definitely live some of his life being good.
You have no right to judge me,
You might even be worse.
Whatever it is that you see,
Others consider me blessed.
Even the creator does not propose to judge man until the end of his days,
Why should you and I? Let’s just choose our ways.


Love not yet thought of ,

The kindness and all.

Undeserved love,

And yet i hear him call.

Now i look up to him,

One i pushed to die,

On the cross of the mountain of skull.

Like the serpent lifted up high.

Amazing grace! How sweet the the sound.

In the morning, my song shall rise to thee,

To worship the king of glorious above

For him shedding his blood for me.


Heal my wounds, let me not remember my sorrow.

Grant me grace and strength that i may find hope for tomorrow.

Restrain my fears, give them limit and confinement.

Grant me peace and bless my advancement.

Here i cry to thee, father hear me now.

Thine humble servant of sin, before thee i bow.

Love itself, showing forth compassion and never-ending mercy.

Love me Love, thine own child of simplicity.

Look not upon this hollow heart of snow.

Let thine awesome glory before me glow.

Here i cry to thee, hear me now.

Thine humble servant of sin before thee i bow.

King of splendor, Lord of majesty.

Teach me to honor, love and worship thee.

You healed my wounds and forgave my sins.

But it seems the scars are still within,

So here i cry, father cleanse me now.

Thine humble servant, before thine majestic throne i bow;


My love, if we should ever break up,

Do not go for my best friend, it’s like drinking from the enemy’s cup.

If you should ever grow tired of the love, just say it to my face,

I hate to be stabbed in the back, that is more disgrace.

If you should ever not love me, just tell me there.

Do not pretend to love me when you don’t even care.

I beseech you my love,

If i ever want to leave,

For the crime i committed in loving you,

Please do not detain me..

But my love, for the sake of our love,

Let’s not break up. My love.