KWe spent days together, never knowing we’d get here

Every minute together, laughing, teasing and just staring at each other

Destiny they say, well I’ve forgotten the phrase,

All the poetic vibes I lost have taught me,

No poetry is poetry is needed to win your heart

After all here we are, there they are, all in love.



Worlds apart and yet our windows were almost in line

Each day was ours to define

Dazzlingly, I first watched your walk,

And like I say, I thought you were going to fall

Never did you stumble, and never will you,

After all, I will be there to support you







You will not realise what you are doing,
Until you are thoroughly through with it,
It will be like a flash in your eyes,
And you would wish to undo every move,
But then you will realise too that,
You were just on the verge of success,
Right there when you gave up,
And you will expect sympathy.
You will be broken, yes, you will,
But then again you will not realise,
What next your brain is about to do.
It might happen faster than the previous flash,
And you will understand why some diamonds fall.
You will be hurt, but that will teach you,
To hope for the best and expect the worst.
As much as possible, prevent diamonds from falling,
But when they do , know this,
There are better things,
Which need not necessarily be compared.
You will be sad but that will only tell you the value of your loss.
For it really hurts when you willingly,


Mother was a beautiful young woman,
Until the burdens of life began to weigh her down.
Mother was a pretty attractive one,
Yes, was, because mother isn’t what she was now.
Mother hasn’t only undergone metamorphosis,
Mother has radically changed.
Oh, mother is still young with some invisible age,
She thinks I’m crazy when I tell her I have visions,
Of her carrying me through the rain.
She says it’s impossible to remember,
I was one or less.
But in my vision, I remember her curves,
I remember her toned skin with dimpled cheeks.
Oh, mother was a goddess in her prime.
Her firm but succulent breast,
From which I drank the water of life.
Those sea blue eyes of hers,
Which would always remind me of peaceful peace.
Mother was a very good mother
Until she decided to sip.
Mother is my life, I would sub to save her,
I know she would do same, the chemistry is deep.
Mother was my life until she decided to sip from the calabash,
Then she only became an important part.
But mother is still my mother,
And I love her so much.
Mother tells my heartbeat from afar,
Mother is still my mother,
Even with the calabash in her hand.
But mother lost her deity,
Mother fell from the luminaries.
She hasn’t lost all her beauty,
But she is no longer the goddess she used to be.
Because the day mother sipped the burning water,
Mother drank well.
Out of sorrow, mother drank well.


When everything comes to a halt,
And life seems to take a pause,
Knowing that there will life hereafter,
I say, Wedana……..
I sing of Wedana the African child of my dreams.
Whose smiles my pain doth erase,
Whose speech is a much better one to me,
Than one written for or by kings.
Let me introduce you to her,
Her complexion is as the mud wall Agorkoli built,
Her heart, as soft as molten wax,
Her walk, like that of an African princess,
And she is my princess, oh…yes, she is fearless.
Her eyes radiating the glowing glaze,
Of the sun’s golden rays,
Her lips, an amplifier of truth,
And yet she is no saint.
She has flaws, many, much and more.
But weigh her, know her totality,
And you’ll realise she has no flaws at all.
Her positivity alone out numbers them all.
Wedana, the African child of luminous descent.
The beginnings of a new life.


When the prey is shown pity and left off the hook, it is only exposed to more cruel predators,

And the initial predator can only wish it dies a natural death.

What then is the destiny of nature?

And what gain is there in regret?


I have condescended into this world once again,
To tell thee of my agony and my pain,
I have watched from the highest mountain of the heavens,
And I have seen how thou hast carried unneeded burdens,
I have seen how thou hast abused the hand lifted that you,
When you were in a pit, and kissed healing to your soul,
When you were hurt, and when you had no one by your side, they were here,
They were here to comfort you, and wipe your every tear.
But now, I see thy arrogance has wiped your memory,
Now thy memory is thrown away and you call all history.
Even the animals of the jungle help those who help them,
How can you man, merrily watch thine helper burn.
Woe unto you, for Hades counts the soul of the victims,
The victims you kindly offered to him,
He says thank you, but he also says ‘woe’
Woe unto you, for thy iniquities has grown.
Woe! Woe unto my countrymen, for thou art without mercy,
Woe unto you, for thou art not living beings.
See, how my white garments are stained with the innocent’s blood,
My sorrow is doubled and my joy is made sad.
Thou needest know my name?
It is not of necessity, for I’m now shy,
To say I gained independence for you by the blood of the fathers,
Of those you now call aliens.
Woe unto you countrymen, for your ingratitude.
But worst of all, woe unto you because,
The blood of their fathers were spilled because of their love,
And the bloods of their sons were spilled because of thine hatred.

‘Tis me, Nelson Madiba Mandela.


I am a man, who from my own dark crevice in this life, have shown a great spotlight on this world.
I am not as evil as they say. Allow me tell you who I truly am. Allow me let you know me well.
I am a strict disciplinarian and a strong Jesuit.
I give to every man what he is truly due.
They say I am the reason why my country is falling.
Even they who say they are now running were once crawling.
Tell me, is it only in stability that we ought to rub shoulders?
I can’t boast of a rich country but I sure have a morally upright one.
I will rather be the leader of a poor country than see sodomy under my sun.
I am wicked but tell me, was Elijah kind?
Was he not a man of God with sound mind?
And yet was that not his style of leadership?
; Because no matter what happens, a leader will never drown his own ship.
I am a kind father with a merciful heart.
But I am also a fearless leader with a strong heart.
I don’t drink because I can’t allow a minute of unconsciousness.
I don’t smoke; the white man has never made sense.
So you see? I’d rather make us suffer than enjoy under the white.
This is the reason, the only reason, they say I inflict blight.
I am a Marxist.
; A just racist.
But let me tell you, I am a dignified man who loves his country.
You can choose to believe it or not, but I am no Al Capone.
I might be better or I might be worse.
I am my people’s blessing or maybe their curse.
But that is for my people to judge.
And no foreigner can be called to the bench.