You will not realise what you are doing,
Until you are thoroughly through with it,
It will be like a flash in your eyes,
And you would wish to undo every move,
But then you will realise too that,
You were just on the verge of success,
Right there when you gave up,
And you will expect sympathy.
You will be broken, yes, you will,
But then again you will not realise,
What next your brain is about to do.
It might happen faster than the previous flash,
And you will understand why some diamonds fall.
You will be hurt, but that will teach you,
To hope for the best and expect the worst.
As much as possible, prevent diamonds from falling,
But when they do , know this,
There are better things,
Which need not necessarily be compared.
You will be sad but that will only tell you the value of your loss.
For it really hurts when you willingly,


  1. Korkor Adjoa · July 7, 2016



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