Mother was a beautiful young woman,
Until the burdens of life began to weigh her down.
Mother was a pretty attractive one,
Yes, was, because mother isn’t what she was now.
Mother hasn’t only undergone metamorphosis,
Mother has radically changed.
Oh, mother is still young with some invisible age,
She thinks I’m crazy when I tell her I have visions,
Of her carrying me through the rain.
She says it’s impossible to remember,
I was one or less.
But in my vision, I remember her curves,
I remember her toned skin with dimpled cheeks.
Oh, mother was a goddess in her prime.
Her firm but succulent breast,
From which I drank the water of life.
Those sea blue eyes of hers,
Which would always remind me of peaceful peace.
Mother was a very good mother
Until she decided to sip.
Mother is my life, I would sub to save her,
I know she would do same, the chemistry is deep.
Mother was my life until she decided to sip from the calabash,
Then she only became an important part.
But mother is still my mother,
And I love her so much.
Mother tells my heartbeat from afar,
Mother is still my mother,
Even with the calabash in her hand.
But mother lost her deity,
Mother fell from the luminaries.
She hasn’t lost all her beauty,
But she is no longer the goddess she used to be.
Because the day mother sipped the burning water,
Mother drank well.
Out of sorrow, mother drank well.



  1. Korkor Adjoa · July 7, 2016

    Mother Drank…. fills my eyes with tears. Great work Brother


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