When everything comes to a halt,
And life seems to take a pause,
Knowing that there will life hereafter,
I say, Wedana……..
I sing of Wedana the African child of my dreams.
Whose smiles my pain doth erase,
Whose speech is a much better one to me,
Than one written for or by kings.
Let me introduce you to her,
Her complexion is as the mud wall Agorkoli built,
Her heart, as soft as molten wax,
Her walk, like that of an African princess,
And she is my princess, oh…yes, she is fearless.
Her eyes radiating the glowing glaze,
Of the sun’s golden rays,
Her lips, an amplifier of truth,
And yet she is no saint.
She has flaws, many, much and more.
But weigh her, know her totality,
And you’ll realise she has no flaws at all.
Her positivity alone out numbers them all.
Wedana, the African child of luminous descent.
The beginnings of a new life.


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