I have condescended into this world once again,
To tell thee of my agony and my pain,
I have watched from the highest mountain of the heavens,
And I have seen how thou hast carried unneeded burdens,
I have seen how thou hast abused the hand lifted that you,
When you were in a pit, and kissed healing to your soul,
When you were hurt, and when you had no one by your side, they were here,
They were here to comfort you, and wipe your every tear.
But now, I see thy arrogance has wiped your memory,
Now thy memory is thrown away and you call all history.
Even the animals of the jungle help those who help them,
How can you man, merrily watch thine helper burn.
Woe unto you, for Hades counts the soul of the victims,
The victims you kindly offered to him,
He says thank you, but he also says ‘woe’
Woe unto you, for thy iniquities has grown.
Woe! Woe unto my countrymen, for thou art without mercy,
Woe unto you, for thou art not living beings.
See, how my white garments are stained with the innocent’s blood,
My sorrow is doubled and my joy is made sad.
Thou needest know my name?
It is not of necessity, for I’m now shy,
To say I gained independence for you by the blood of the fathers,
Of those you now call aliens.
Woe unto you countrymen, for your ingratitude.
But worst of all, woe unto you because,
The blood of their fathers were spilled because of their love,
And the bloods of their sons were spilled because of thine hatred.

‘Tis me, Nelson Madiba Mandela.


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