I am a man, who from my own dark crevice in this life, have shown a great spotlight on this world.
I am not as evil as they say. Allow me tell you who I truly am. Allow me let you know me well.
I am a strict disciplinarian and a strong Jesuit.
I give to every man what he is truly due.
They say I am the reason why my country is falling.
Even they who say they are now running were once crawling.
Tell me, is it only in stability that we ought to rub shoulders?
I can’t boast of a rich country but I sure have a morally upright one.
I will rather be the leader of a poor country than see sodomy under my sun.
I am wicked but tell me, was Elijah kind?
Was he not a man of God with sound mind?
And yet was that not his style of leadership?
; Because no matter what happens, a leader will never drown his own ship.
I am a kind father with a merciful heart.
But I am also a fearless leader with a strong heart.
I don’t drink because I can’t allow a minute of unconsciousness.
I don’t smoke; the white man has never made sense.
So you see? I’d rather make us suffer than enjoy under the white.
This is the reason, the only reason, they say I inflict blight.
I am a Marxist.
; A just racist.
But let me tell you, I am a dignified man who loves his country.
You can choose to believe it or not, but I am no Al Capone.
I might be better or I might be worse.
I am my people’s blessing or maybe their curse.
But that is for my people to judge.
And no foreigner can be called to the bench.


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